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    Illinois Skills Match Offices
    The Illinois Skills Match Offices offer a wide choice of employment and training options that will provide help to job seekers, who are hoping to find a new or better job.

    You can use the Illinois Skills Match services to find local jobs in the Illinois workforce. Using a series of State development professionals who are from diverse partner agencies, they act together to provide some really great Job services. The Illinois Skills Match Offices also provide businesses with information on how to tap the wide variety of skilled people in Illinois looking for work.

    The Illinois Skills Match services are aimed at adults (over 18), and provide a lot free services to those career seakers. The Illinois Skills Match Career Centers are a highlight for anyone seeking work in Illinois.

    Several services that Illinois Skills Match offers are
    — Free computer access to search for jobs
    — information and guidance on New career paths
    — Help in updating/creating new resumes
    — Assistance in the best places to find new jobs
    — Government resources on training and education

    To find the Illinois Skills Match Career Center nearest you, visit one of the many Illinois Skills Match Offices in your state

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