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    While reeling like the rest of the country due to the economy, Illinois is far from down for the count.  The Illinois employment projection calls for the situation to improve.  If you have been without work or looking to switch careers, take heart.  New jobs are just a short way down the path.

    Information technology has been a popular occupation for years and new workers are always needed.  Hundreds of jobs are currently available.  The most sought-after people in the information technology industry are network engineers and data communication experts.  Businesses recognize the importance of keeping lines of communication open and for reducing speed of data transfer and you could be the one to fill their needs.

    Computers are also reliant on software.  The Illinois employment projection is that businesses are expected to keep up the demand for programmers, analysts, and software engineers.  Increasing your skills in these areas by education or experience is always a good idea.

    No matter what the economic situation is people will always need health care.  As the average age of Americans goes up, there is more of a need for home health aides.  Due to the severe need for workers, a lot of employers will offer on the job training.  Providing care for disabled or elderly persons can provide you with job satisfaction as well as paying your bills.

    Medical assistants will continue to be in high demand, according to the Illinois employment projection.   They work with the public to schedule appointments and take and record vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure, and temperature.  Willingness to work with the public and organizational skills are necessary to be successful as a medical assistant.

    People are not about to neglect their dental care.  As a result, you may want to consider a career as a dental hygienist.  You will be able to clean patient’s teeth and examine their mouths for potential problems.  There are over 100 dental jobs currently available in Illinois.  Everything from dental assistant to receptionist.  To get your foot in the door, you might want to consider working as a receptionist since some offices offer opportunities that do not require experience.  You do need to enjoy working with the public and a lot of places will require you to have computer skills.

    Hundreds of jobs are expected to be available in the Illinois gaming industry.  There is a need for surveillance personnel to ensure that patrons and employees do not try to cheat.  Gaming managers are needed to coordinate gaming activities.  Illinois employment projection shows that the biggest need is for gaming workers to help patrons with financial activities.  Supervisors are also required to provide instruction and direction for the gaming workers.

    If you enjoy being around people and have a passion for customer service, then work as a nursing assistant or a receptionist for a dentist office is something to look into.  Otherwise, there are plenty of information technology careers you could choose.

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