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    If you are one of the 10% of people in Illinois without a job, you may need to use the services of Illinois unemployment offices.  Some people consider it an insult to their pride to use these services.  However, consider that if you have been paying taxes then you have already paid for the services.  Take advantage of them.

    In the state of Illinois it will be far faster to file your claims online if you have access to a computer.  Be prepared by bringing along your social security number as well as your name as it appears on the card.  You will also need the social security number and dates of birth of all your dependants.  Finally, you will need names and addresses of former employers along with employment dates and reasons you had to leave the employer.

    By having everything you need when you visit one of the Illinois unemployment offices, or begin to file online,  you can save yourself an extra trip.  Make sure the information you have is accurate by bringing tax documents from your  previous employers with you.  Those documents will have the correct name of your employer and limits the opportunity for you to make a mistake.

    If you are interested in filing an unemployment insurance claim, it is a good idea to call the office you are planning on visit to make sure that is something you can do.  Some offices offer training services only.  However, good training can lead to a good job, so take advantage of any training opportunities you can find.

    There are definite benefits to visiting your local unemployment office.  Once there, you can ask questions to make sure you file your unemployment insurance claim correctly.  They can also help you claim benefit weeks.

    A visit to one of the Illinois unemployment offices is a good investment of your time.  They can help you find job leads.  They can provide advice to help you search for work.  The first step in the job search process is to find out where the jobs are and the unemployment office can do just that.

    Does your resume lack the impact that it needs?  If you have been applying for work but are not getting the interviews, the problem could be your resume.  An unemployment office can review your resume with you and determine how you can add impact to your resume.  Be sure to check with your office; some of them will have dedicated days and times for you to bring in your resume.

    Illinois unemployment offices also offer workshops tailored to military veterans.  Check your local office for days and times of the monthly veteran job readiness workshop.

    One of the best things you got going for you on the job search is ability to network with other people.  The unemployment office is a good way to connect with other job seekers to learn the winning techniques for landing the perfect job.

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