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    Learn how Illinois Skills Match can sharpen your job searching skills.

    The Illinois unemployment rate has dropped for the eighth consecutive month to 9.6 percent. In the last year, November 2009 to November 2010, Illinois has created over 32,900 jobs. This good news is well overdue for a state that has been hit as hard as Illinois by the the financial crisis of the last three years. However, this does not mean Illinois workers as a group are out of the woods. There are still 641,000 unemployed workers in Illinois struggling to find work.

    Ironically, the drop in the unemployment rate makes it even more important for some unemployed workers to find a job quickly. This is because the number of Emergency Unemployment Compensation weeks a state receives is dependent on its seasonally adjusted three month average unemployment rate. States with an unemployment rate of below 9.5 percent get 13 weeks less of Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits. If this trend continues unemployed workers might not qualify for tier 3 emergency unemployment compensation.

    The Illinois Department of Employment Security has opened an official job search website called “Illinois Skills Match” to help unemployed workers connect with companies looking to fill work positions.


    Illinois Skills Match is a free internet-based employment search engine. Employers introduce new job openings and categorize them by the education, skills and experience required.

    Unemployed workers also register and introduce their resumes, salary requirements, address, how far they are willing to travel and their contact details.

    The website engine automatically matches employers with workers and sends you a list of the job openings you may qualify for.

    If an employer is interested in employing you, the website will either contact you or give your contact details to the employer so you can arrange an interview.

    However, it is important that you visit the website regularly. If you do not log onto the website with your profile for over 45 days, your account becomes inactive and you no longer receive the benefits of the site.


    The Illinois Skills Match website is free to employers and workers. This is a clear advantage from commercial job search websites which charge premiums to either or both employers and job searchers.

    The systems automatically matches your skills and experience with employers requirements.

    You can write, view and update your profile whenever you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    It also allows you to create and print your own resumes and job seeker profiles.

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    Illinois Jobs

    Illinois Skills Match provides you with the information you need to make the most of Illinois’ Official Job Search website.

    Find out what free services are available at Illinois’ Skill Match.

    Get free computer access to search for jobs.

    Find how to create free professional resumes

    Illinois Unemployment Offices can help you. Find out how.

    Start off your search for unemployment benefits.

    Learn about Illinois Unemployment Web Site.

    How to file your online claim for unemployment benefits.

    How to certify your weekly benefits? Missing just one week could cancel your benefits.

    Illinois Unemployment Benefits just got extended. Find out what benefits you are now entitled to.

    Help save Illinois unemployment benefits.

    Get a head start on your job search with Illinois Match Job Searching services.

    Customize your Illinois Sills Match system so it fits your needs.

    The Illinois Department of Employment Security has specific programs for unemployed workers. Find out which programs you qualify for.

    The IDES and Illinois Skills Match website have some questions for you. Read what questions you will be asked and how to answer correctly.

    If you have lost your job due to no fault of your own and are struggling to make ends meet, you may qualify for unemployment benefits and free job search services. The Illinois Department of Employment Security has programs designed to provide you the income you need, help you retrain for jobs in high demand in Illinois and access to the best job search forums.


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    To qualify for unemployment benefits you may have to prove your eligibility to an unemployment insurance claim hearing.

    Filing for unemployment benefits in the state of Illinois can be a little confusing the first time. This article will provide you with some tips to help you speed up your unemployment benefits application so you can use your time for more important things.


    The information you provide in your unemployment benefits claim to the Illinois Department of Employment Security is confidential. Your privacy is protected by the Unemployment Insurance Act, section 1900. The department can’t share that information with your wife, family members or anyone else without your authorization. However, the same section of the Unemployment Insurance Act allows the Employment Security Agency to share the information you supply in the unemployment compensation claim with your previous employers. Any discrepancies between your claim and your employers records could affect your eligibility for compensation.


    Even though you are unemployed you still have to pay tax on your unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are subject to both Federal and State income taxes. However, you do get a tax break for your first $2,400.

    How you pay your taxes is your decision. You can cash out your entire unemployment compensation and pay your own taxes or you can choose to have your Federal or State taxes (or both) deducted directly from your benefit payments. The will mean a 13 percent deduction off your unemployment benefits, 10 percent for federal taxes and 3 percent for the State of Illinois taxes.


    When you are unemployed your job is to find a job. It is a cliche, but in the eyes of the Illinois Department of Employment Security, the agency that signs unemployment benefit checks, it really is. If you cannot prove you are actively searching for work, you do not qualify for benefits. If you are not looking for work, you are no longer part of the workforce and therefore you are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

    It is important you keep good records of your efforts to find work in case you are required to prove it at an benefits eligibility interview. Keep a weekly record of the companies you have visited, have offered you a job interview and left your resume with. If you fail to provide your job search records your unemployment benefits claim could be denied.


    Illinois Skill Match, the Illinois State sponsored job search website, offers useful resources to help you find work. Visit their website regularly and register yourself on their website. There are thousands of job opportunities available every day. This includes exclusive information on Federal civil service job opportunities in Illinois and throughout the U.S.

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