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    Finding a job when you are unemployed is a full time job. Especially in states like Illinois with a high unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Illinois is so high, it qualifies for all the unemployment insurance compensation programs available in the United States. Unemployed workers in Illinois can qualify for up to 99 weeks of benefits, but even so many workers run out of employment benefits before they find a job. What can you do to improve your chances of finding suitable employment? One tool at your disposal that many workers do not use to the full is the Illinois Skills Match website. This free online job matching service can be the key to finding that elusive job post you are looking for. However, if you are new to unemployment, do not have experience searching for a job or are not familiar with online job search programs, you may be missing out on the services this powerful engine can provide.

    Step 1.

    Register yourself with Illinois Skills Match. This should be the first thing you do after registering with the Illinois Department of Employment Security for unemployment benefits. You can use your job searching efforts as proof you are actively searching for work if you are audited by the IDES to confirm you are still searching for work. A requirement to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

    Step 2.

    Fill in your profile with your education, work experience, relevant skills, salary requirements and how far you are willing to commute. Filling online job search profiles can be time consuming and tedious. However, a well written and thought out profile gives you the advantage when an employer is searching for a suitable employee. Think of what skills an employer will be looking in a worker like you. Consider the skills you have developed throughout your working life. Include how much experience you have. Save your profile so the system can start matching jobs to your profile.

    Step 3.

    Check Ilinois Skills Match regularly. The system will match employers who are searching for workers with skills you have. Once you see an employer interested in a worker like you, you can contact the employer directly and arrange for an interview. In some cases, employers may express interest in a specific worker and request the Illinois Department of Employment Security to contact him or her directly.

    The Illinois Skills Match website is easy to use, is useful for both employers and employees and can make finding a new job that much easier.

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