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    Learn what questions you will be asked by Illinois' Deparment of Employment Security Tele-Serve benefits claim service.

    The Illinois Department of Employment Security requires all unemployed workers to certify their weekly benefits online or over the phone. Our previous article explained how you can access the online certification site or call Illinois’ Tele-Serve certification. This article will provide more detail on this important step so you don’ t miss out on your unemployment benefits.

    Remember certifying your weekly benefits is key to receiving unemployment benefits so you want to make sure you do it right. We include below a list of the questions you will be asked when certifying your benefits. The same questions apply whether you claim online or by phone.

    Question 1. Have you received or will your receive holiday pay during the period of Sunday through Saturday?

    If y0u have received holiday pay during the weeks you are claiming unemployment for, you must specify the exact amount you received. Any holiday pay you receive will be deducted from your unemployment benefits.

    Question 2. Did you work during the weeks you are claiming for?

    A week period for the claim on benefits starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. You must provide your gross earnings for any work during the two-week period you are claiming for.

    Question 3. Has your dependency status changed?

    If your situation has changed, i.e. one of your children no longer qualifies as a dependent or is no longer living with you, you must explain this to the Employment Security Department.

    Question 4. Were you available to work each day during the week?

    For instance, if you were sick during any of the days of the week and were not fit to work you must answer “No” and specify which days you were not available. Note you will not get paid for any days you claim to have been unavailable.

    Question 5. Did you actively look for work during the period you are claiming for?

    Again, if you were not searching for work, you do not qualify for unemployment benefits.

    Question 6. Are you receiving or have you applied for Social Security Benefits?

    If you are, it may affect your eligibility for certain unemployment benefits.

    Question 7. Are you applying for or have you received retirement or disability pension?

    Answer truthfully, but understand claiming for disability pension could affect your eligibility for unemployment benefits.

    Question 8. Did you attend training courses? Did you go to all the classes? And if so, how many days did you miss class?

    You will only qualify for unemployment benefits, if you are attending courses approved by the Illinois Employment Security Department. You may not qualify for benefits on days where you missed training classes.

    Question 9. Has your telephone number changes?

    The Employment security department requires you to provide your current telephone and address. Make sure your details are correct and up-to-date or you could miss important and valuable information.

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