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    The resume is often the starting point for any job search. The resume is used to help land a job search. A properly written resume is essential for people unemployed but looking for work. Some people may not need assistance in developing their own resume. Others may need some help in getting their’s completed. The background of some individuals may make writing a resume difficult as well. There may be gaps in employment history due to different reasons. People may not have completed college or left an employer under difficult circumstances. People on unemployment often do not have the resources to pay for professional writing services for their resume. The Illinois  Department of Employment Security can provide these services to people who need them.

    The Illionois Job Link program helps job seekers buils and post an online resume. Users can create an account and follow the online tools for assistance. The benefits of the program are:

    You can control the active status of your resume on Resume, Preferences, Days to Expire. To make your resume inactive, change the number of days to zero. You may want to do this if you are no longer looking for a job.

    The department also publishes the Job Link Resource Room Brochure which shows how to publish the resume online. Users need to:

    1. Contact Info and Target Job (Under Disclosure level it is recommended you check “Public” – potential employers will then be able to see your resume).
    2. Confirm Occupation
    3. Work Experience
    4. Education and Additional Info
    5. My References
    6. Review & Save / Print

    After completing the appropriate fields in each step click on “Next Step”. The department website also has examples of resumes on their website. They also hold resume and interview workshops in their offices and community groups across the state. Users can also control which employers view their resume and the active status of their resume.

    Having an electronic resume has advantages over the traditional paper resume. They are readable by any computer system. They can be easily transferred from email to an employer’s database. It is accessible to several employers who receive electronic resumes. Distribution is also easier where many resumes can be sent out in a fraction of the time in comparison to the regular mail.

    In addition to selected employers, the electronic resume can also be sent to various job boards for wider distribution. Boards like Monster.com and indeed make uploading the electronic resume simple. There are also regional help wanted services throughout the state of Illinois that can be accessed. Many of these sites allow the resume to be uploaded for local employers to review.



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