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    If you are put off work for a week or longer you are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits and your employer will make sure that you receive information about the steps you will have to take to take advantage of the program. In Illinois the unemployment insurance is administered by IDES which is The Illinois Department of Employment Security. There are of course legal requirements to be met for you to receive benefits provided for by your employers who pay taxes on your behalf while you are working for them. These benefits are not financed by deductions from your earnings.

    The basis for your entitlement to unemployment benefits is the amount you earned during a period of one year. You must have earned not less than $1,600 during your basic period. IDES calculate your base period as four quarterly periods during which you were working. The last quarter before you claim is not usually counted. So your base period if you claim anytime between January and March 2011 would be October 1 2009 through to September 31 2010. The quarter you earned the most will determine the amount of your benefits but you must have earned at least $440 in the rest of the base period in order to qualify for benefits. It is sometimes necessary for IDES to calculate your base period on the basis of the last four quarters that you worked and this can be arranged so that you qualify for benefits. Other arrangements can be made to take into consideration factors such as worker´s compensation or if you haven´t worked a complete year. If you have any doubts about this you can always get more information from your local IDES office. Apart from the foregoing information you should know that if your employer is not participating in the Illinois Insurance Program you are not entitled to benefits. This can happen in the case of some types of agricultural work and domestic work as well as some railroad and government employment. Benefits can be paid only if you are now completely unemployed or if you have taken on part-time work and are being paid only a fraction of your normal wage.

    It is also very important that you are out of work for reasons beyond you control. No benefits are paid if you leave your employment without a good reason and it must be your employer´s fault. If you are on strike you do not qualify for unemployment benefits. Once you file your claim and you are accepted as entitled to benefits you will have to remain qualified for those benefits at all times by being willing and able to work. Should you be on a training course approved by IDES you may still qualify but not if you are a regular student. You may not claim if you are on holiday or if for any other reason you are not able to accept a job such as sickness or family responsibilities.


    It is expected that you search for work and keep a record of your efforts every week that you receive unemployment insurance benefits,so that you can prove that you were willing to take on work if it was offered to you. Hopefully this information will be instrumental in helping you get through a difficult time in your life.

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    Illinois Jobs

    The Illinois Department of Employment Security, IDES, provides unemployed workers and young residents the opportunity of finding  a job through one of its employment programs. This article is the second article in a two-article series on the main employment programs available to Illinois unemployed workers. In the first article we discussed programs centered especially on young workers, such as the apprenticeship program and the Hire the Future program. We also discussed the opportunities available through Illinois’ Skills Match database and the IDES Job Fairs and Special Events and provided links and details on how to register for these valuable resources. In this article we will continue our review of Illinois’ employment programs and discuss the last five programs we set out to evaluate. These are the Re-Entry Employment Service the People with Disabilities program and the Veterans program.

    Re-Entry Program

    The Re-Entry Employment Service is a program offered to employers rather than workers. However, it benefits both employers and employees by providing employers with additional incentives to employ ex-offenders who have completed their sentence and wish to return to the workplace. The program allows employers to receive tax incentives for each re-entry worker they employ. If you are interested in finding a job through the re-entry program click here for more information. Finding work in Illinois in the current economy is not easy, but it is even harder if you were formerly incarcerated or have a criminal conviction. If you are a veteran who also has a criminal conviction you may find assistance through the Incarcerated Veteran’s Transition Program, IVTP, for help finding a new job.

    The Re-Entry Employment Service Program offers ex-offenders with a free individual assessment, access to the Illinois Skills Match database, special job referrals, job readiness workshops and help preparing a resume. If you would like a quick summary of what this program is about click here to watch a brief video.

    People with Disabilities

    The People with Disabilities program is managed by the Division of Rehabilitation Services, which works with people with disabilities and their families to provide them with the help they need. If you are a resident of Illinois and have some type of disability this program can help you find a job and help you access any of the following state and federal programs for disabled people.


    Veteran Services

    The state of Illinois wants to thank veterans for their services and help them find a new job. This program offers special job offers, employment workshops and access to the Illinois Skills Match database. It will also provide you the information and knowhow required to join any of the following state and federal programs for veterans.

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    The Illinois Department of Employment Security, IDES, is the agency in charge of providing employment services to unemployed workers in Illinois. There are many programs you can enroll and benefit from. Which one is best for you will depend on your personal circumstances. This two-article series will provide detailed information on nine of the main employment programs in Illinois. We will analyze each employment program in detail and provide links and details on who it is for and how you can apply.

    In this article we will discuss information about the following Illinois Department of Employment Security programs: Apprenticeship, Hire the Future, Illinois Skills Match, Job Fairs & Special Events. Any of these programs could provide you the opportunity of find the job you need.


    Apprentices under the Illinois Department of Employment Security have the opportunity of enrolling as a paid worker in a special training program managed by a labor organization or trade association. If you choose to become an apprenticeship it is likely you will work in the construction industry. The benefits of the apprenticeship program is you will be joining a growing industry, with good wages opportunities, a long-term employment expectancy and instead of getting into debt to get the education you need, you will be paid during your training. Click here for access to an application form. Print it and send it to your closest Illinois Department of Employment Security, IDES, office. If you need help finding your closest office, click here.

    There are a wide variety of trades you can train for. Through this program you could become an architectural iron worker, a boilermaker, a carpenter, a bricklayer, a ceramic tile layer or a cement mason, to mention a few. For a complete list of available trades click here.

    Hire the Future

    The Hire the Future program assists young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 to find work and to provide them with the work experience they need to work. To join you must visit the Illinois Skills Match Enrollment page and complete the form. Click here to access your personal form.

    Illinois Skills Match

    The Illinois Skills Match is a database designed to help employers find the workers they need. To join you must register yourself by visiting Illinois Skills Match website. Your information will be entered into the program and designed to help employers and the skilled workers they need meet.

    Events and Workshops

    The Illinois Department of Employment Security also offers Illinois special events and workshops on the search for employment. The events are organized by government and community agencies. The IDES keeps an up-to-date calender of the important dates for each race and culture.

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